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[Football] We need to talk about Swansman

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One Teddy Maybank

Well-known member
Aug 4, 2006

Can see the irritation…… and football wise at times arse and elbow spring to mind, but I’m sure others think that about me. The whole Potter thing is wearing but is it different to Palace fans or some of the political bores?

Just put an individual on ignore.


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2011
On the post-per-day limit that was suggested earlier in the thread - if this was applied to all users, fair enough (though it might be reached quite quickly in matchday threads).

But I'd feel quite uncomfortable about it being applied to individual users just because a selection of posters don't like what they write.

Surely either they break forum rules = ban, otherwise carry on posting.


Well-known member
How do you know "this is how many feel"?

Unless I've missed something - which is quite possible - these are the first complaints I've seen.
I quite like him, no worse than “some of our own” to be honest.
But if you dont like visor any others posts, dont read them.
A lot of his posts seem to be in response to people that clearly dont like him.
Don’t engage him then the posts will be reduced, Shirley?


Well-known member
Jul 14, 2014
I thought that starting threads about other posters was a banning offence? Seems to me that some people spend too much time on here if it is resulting in a single individual affecting their mental health.
Just to be clear, it looks as if I started this thread, which I didn't and never would have done. Post #1 of this thread is a response I made agreeing (and I still do) with a post of sheebo on another thread and which I didn't expect to end up here.

Back to the topic. I'd say don't engage with posters or posts if you find them irritating and don't feed attention seekers. That's what causes derailing of threads.

EDIT: Posted at the same time as #143. Agree with that.

Lenny Rider

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2010
totally and utterly agree. He pollutes most every thread with his sarcastic, rude, up himself remarks. Belittles and insults, takes over just about every thread with his smug look at me ness. I also put him on ignore, the only person i have ever done this to, but this just about makes reading this forum unreadable. About time for either a ban, or should volluntarily should get off NSC and get himself into Shed End and pour his Potter love in onto that forum. Although I doubt he is up for that.

Can’t be right that genuine BHA fans are getting pissed off with our own forum because of someone whoisnt even a fan of our club but seems infatuated with our once upon a time manager. Up to the mods I guess ….

Anyhow, for me i’m posting no more … may lurk from time to time, but I just can’t be bothered, shame as i’ve enjoyed NSC.
But then he’s won old boy, you should look upon NSC as the bar of your local, there are people you do like, people you don’t, people that don’t concern or bother you either way and complete gobshites.

Sometime ago I was really abused on here, I won’t name him because it gives him the oxygen he probably craves.
He came right out on the front foot, really abusive, said I bring nothing to the forum, nothing to the football club and never have, fair enough that’s his opinion, some might agree some don’t, but he then upped the ante brought Mrs H’s night in the cells after the nightclub incident up and then embarked on a personal attack on my daughter over her time on reality TV.

It has crossed my mind that he might even suffer from some form of mental illness, or at the very least have serious issues in his life?

I thought about leaving, I think the kids call it flouncing, but I didn’t, because NSC is more about a few idiots hiding behind a keyboard, it’s about a brotherhood (or sisterhood) of good people with a broadchurch of opinions but a common love of BHAFC.

For me the real acid test of NSC was when I was at my lowest and reached out and the love and support I received on here, even from people I’d previously disagreed with, bowled me over.

The good dwarf the bad on here old mate, so don’t walk away, dont even ignore his posts, think of him as the bloke with the sandwich board in Churchill Square telling us we were sinners and the world was coming to an end, just carry feeling free to having your opinion about the great club we all support. 👍

Couldn't Be Hyypia

We've come a long long way together
Nov 12, 2006
Near Dorchester, Dorset
This sort of thing isn't par for the course on here - I completely agree.

But it's become a bit of a burning topic - the sheer volume of posts is something that I've picked up on over the last week or so.

Swansman has enough self-awareness to not want to outstay his welcome, which is why I've taken this unusual step. It's a quick gauging of opinion before any action is taken and we all just move on.
This is not the way to have this debate. And I guarantee it won't produce a representative sample of opinions. If you have an issue with Swansman, DM Bozza. I have.


Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
A fine blend of lunacy and uncomfortable truths.
THe kind of guy who would get twatted in your average sky sports pub for being a neauseating twat.
Probably alright bloke in reality!
Another part of NSC's tapestry, we've had far worse.

The only person I ever tried ignore on, but its a crap tool, ruins the flow of threads, far easier to just speed read/ignore or skip straight past. Better still, when I see threads I know will be smouldering bear pit fuel, just ignore Them altogether . . .as I almost did this one. . .just can't help myself 🙄
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