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[Football] Was that our best ever League performance?

Easy 10

Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
Location Location
Every time I think we can't play any better than that...we go and do THAT.

Yes, given the opposition, I think that is probably the most complete, thrilling, devastating dismantling of a top team I have ever seen in my 38 years of watching this club. I didn't think that humping of Chelsea could be topped in a long, long time. I was wrong.

I've pretty much run out of superlatives for today. I'm just going to have to settle with SENSATIONAL. But that doesn't really cover it.
3-0 over Tottenham, we bossed their very best 11 in their prime, also CL finalists …. but they lacked both injuries and a decrepit centre midfield.

Albion were so good, you could relax and enjoy from the 3rd minute.

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Today feels like the apex because it’s Liverpool. But Brentford, Wolves and almost everyone else are dominating the grandads every game.
I disagree, today felt so much more dominant than the match v Spurs. It was constant- Liverpool faced wave after wave of Albion attacks. We were superb.
I couldn't use that word about the Tottenham victory

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
Absolute total controlled dominance in every measure today.

It’s been coming for a while

I fear we’ve peaked in this sense!


Apr 30, 2016
Best I have ever seen, our one touch passing was fantastic, and this was against Liverpool not a bottom of the table team, absolutely brilliant.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
Certainly the best ever 90 minute performance from an Albion team I have seen, my first ever game was 2-0 against Palace in 1975

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
I’m trying to remember a team ‘that big’ not getting a sniff. Even Manure in the 4-0 had some decent chances compared to Liverpool. They had FA.
And to add, in the stadium at least, their supporters sucked it up. None of that 'only here for the Arsenal' bolleaux. That made it even sweeter. I take no pleasure from having nob head away fans in the stadium, even if we beat them.

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