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[Albion] Was that a penalty to B’muff???

Penalty or not?

  • Stonewaller

    Votes: 35 32.1%
  • Absolutely no chance that was a penalty

    Votes: 74 67.9%

  • Total voters
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Jan 13, 2013
Looking again at the replay, Pervis keeps running in a direct line chasing the ball then their player moves in and bounces off Pervis. If Pervis had not held his line and moved toward their player then I think a penalty may have been given.

5Ways Gull

È quello che è
Feb 2, 2009
Fiveways, Brighton
The handball was an odd one, it seemed to leave the ball miles away from anyone, right in the middle of the penalty area, if a Bournemouth player had managed to get there first he'd have probably scored.


Mar 15, 2020
I didn't spot it at the game at all , but judging by Estupinan's reaction I think he thought it was going to be given.


Sep 1, 2014
I dunno I thought we were lucky to get away with both of them, not really because they were stonewall pens or anything, but with the way VAR is such an absolute shitshow from week to week you never know what the given directive is. We seem to be in a bit of a hands off phase this past couple of weeks, so based on that I'd say neither were.

It's a complete mess, but fine by me this weekend...


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
Nice for us to benefit from a decision for once, I’ve seen them given. Fortunately we were only playing Bournemouth not one of the better financed clubs.

Blues Guitarist

Oct 19, 2020
St Johann in Tirol
When you consider the decisions that have gone against us recently - 3 possible red cards for Liverpool and the Wellbeck penalty against Leicester, absolutely no way was that a penalty to B'muff.


Jan 21, 2016
If it hadn't been given against us, I'd be annoyed.
So yes. Probably a penalty
However, the ref was letting things go all over tbe pitch, for both sides so at least consistent in tbat respect.

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