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[NSC] Warning of stuff

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You can change this
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
It's all got a bit tiresome...

1. People baiting others into retaliatory antagonism.
2. Screaming for a policeman when they get exactly the reaction they seemed to be looking for.
3. Bickering, repeatedly, across numerous threads, often derailing long-standing decent conversations, ruining them for others who wish to remain on-topic.

There is an ignore function. If someone's mere presence on NSC annoys you that much, please use it.

We'll be delving into the moderating toolkit a bit more than we have previously...

1. Thread bans. If you engage in thread derailing, even if "he started it", you will be removed from that thread without warning.
2. Force Ignore. Where two NSCers clearly can't stay away from each other, we can put a bi-directional forced ignore in place. We've never used it before, but it may be time to do so now. When this is put in place by a moderator, you are unable to remove it.

But, please, if someone grates with you, just scroll by. You don't have to stick the boot in - you're not going to win the internet.

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