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[Albion] Veltman v Lamptey


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Feb 24, 2013
Veltman. Sadly it seems Lamptey will not be able to recover his explosive pace that he had before his serious hamstring injury that kept him out for quite a while.


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Jul 5, 2003
Veltman. Sadly it seems Lamptey will not be able to recover his explosive pace that he had before his serious hamstring injury, that kept him out for quite a while.
Veltman. Lamptey always looks like he’s just stepped up a level and isn’t sure what to do.

I’d be interested to see the goals and assists comparison.

Veltman is so reliable


Oct 30, 2010
BC, Canada
With March and Mitoma dominating the wings, there’s less need for two attacking-minded wingbacks, in my opinion.

Pervis is the absolute perfect balance, and is incredible playing both the defensive and attacking roles.

I like Tariq a lot and would love to see him be great, but he’s not near the same level.

Veltman is a solid and reliable RB.


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Nov 4, 2014
Weird as they normally play the same position but find comparing the two totally unfair / hard. They both have different qualities and are both very good!
I get this but in terms of balance and solidity I know where I stand.


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Jan 2, 2020
If it was a question of who to keep in the squad I’d definitely lean towards Veltman.

That said, I feel like people have been unnecessarily hard on Lamptey lately when he’s been filling in for Pervis on the left and not being able to deliver the same quality of crosses with his weaker foot. Not an ideal situation, but the blame surely must fall in the lack of a second natural left back, rather than young Lamptey who tried to make the best of it.


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Sep 28, 2021
Veltman is ultimately experienced, has seen it all, and defended and succeeded against the very best in the world. Tariq by comparison is a super young novice but one with some very exciting attributes and plenty of promise. They both have a role to play but comparing them is pretty unfair at their completely different stages of career.


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Feb 23, 2009
Preston Park
Why can’t we just love both of them ?

I do.

Velters for his calm demeanour and streak of class and Lamptey for his playground football loving gung-ho madness… coats for goalposts and never ending arguments about where the imaginary crossbar actually is.
Exactly. One is a full international mega-experienced less-than-a-million pounds phenomenon and the other is a young bloke, full international who is still learning his trade. Also worth remembering that Lamps is now playing for a coach where the ball produces the pace (listen to Lallana) and any supposed diminishing of his hamstring strength shouldn’t be a huge problem.

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