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[TV] UK Comedy Cup - Group G

Group G - Choose your favourite.

  • The Fast Show

    Votes: 58 36.3%
  • The Day Today

    Votes: 31 19.4%
  • The Young Ones

    Votes: 44 27.5%
  • The IT Crowd

    Votes: 27 16.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


I've asked for soup
Jul 2, 2008
Sorry it's been a while. Let's get the groups wrapped up.

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Group G

Batttle of The "The" Comedies. I'm interested to see how this group goes - think there could be a battle here.

The Fast Show - 1994-2014, 27 episodes


Very popular sketch show produced primarily in the 90s. Birthed a whole load of catchphrases. Strong comedy cast including Paul Whitehouse, Caroline Aherne, Mark Williams, John Thomson and Charlie Higson. Every time I clear my throat, I at very least think "That's got it..." to myself.

The Day Today - 1994, 7 episodes


Critically acclaimed, incredibly clever satire of shows like Newsnight/Panorama from the twisted mindtanks of Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci. Shame it couldn't be joined by Brass Eye. It was truly a genius show, but how popular was it? Too niche? Too arch? Really thrust a young sports journalist by the name of Alan Partridge into the limelight, as well.

Just 7 episodes but my word they were good. The Day Today - Because fact into doubt won't go.

The Young Ones - 1982-1984, 12 episodes


Anarchic comedy about student life in Thatcher's Britain. Enjoyable enough but I personally feel Mayall and Edmondson's best work was elsewhere. I expect this to do fairly well, always seems to bring out the nostalgia vote from a certain demographic.

The IT Crowd - 2006-2013, 25 episodes


Fairly popular Channel 4 sitcom. I'm a fan of the people in it (particularly Ayoade who I always really enjoyed on Travel Man - supporting cast featuring Matt Berry and Noel Fielding also enjoyable), but sometimes feel it could be better than it is - it's a little broad for me at times. A surprising role for the mostly reclusive Chris Morris.

Reminder - Two qualify from each group into the Round of 16. You have ONE vote per group, so use it wisely. Please feel free to link to relevant YouTube videos, or justify your chosen comedy in writing.

Each Group will run for 5 days, to allow plenty of time for voting.

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I've asked for soup
Jul 2, 2008
Oh SHIT. Where's the poll?! I MADE ONE.

Hang on everyone.

UPDATE - Now with added poll.


Well-known member
Sep 28, 2011
Assumed I would finally be picking one guaranteed to go through.

Nope, currently in last place.


Intending to survive this time of asset strippers
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Oct 12, 2022
These are all shows I enjoy, and I want to pick at least three of the options here to proceed.


Enemy of the People
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Oct 17, 2008
I am currently viewing NSC in dark mode… yes… very very dark… it’s almost…

A navy blue, Johnny…

No, I wouldn’t say that… I’d say it’s a smidgen darker than blue…



Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003


Well-known member
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jul 6, 2003
Oh I can't choose. Anything but the IT Crowd which, whilst it had its merits, is looking a bit as if someone had mistakenly included Crystal Palace in a Champions' League draw.

I shall see how the voting goes and make up my mind later.

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