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[Albion] Trossard


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Dec 21, 2011
Poor Leandro. If he had been willing to do the work, RDZ would have let him stay. Instead, he thought he was getting a winner's medal, but just ended up with that Mallen streak that makes me think of Nadine Cross in The Stand.


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Apr 9, 2017
Ballarat, Australia
Until he came on I didn't realise just how much disdain I have for the way he left, so good to see him fvck up with that care less flick. Also what is it about hitting the crossbar, how many times did he do that that when playing for us. For me that was pivotal, had that gone in they would have clammed up and not come at us and I doubt we would have won.

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
I didn't see anything yesterday to shake me from my belief The Tross just isn't a De Zerbi type player.
As good as he is, he's just a touch off when it comes to workrate, passing, movement all together means, for me, he didn't quite fit.

£20,000,000 - all day long.

Cheeky Monkey

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Jul 17, 2003
Was there much post-match jovial bantz/handshakes between Trossard and his old teammates at the final whistle, hugs with Dunky etc. or was it more a Potter's return to the Amex meh response at the final whistle from our players?

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