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[Albion] ** Tottenham v BHA ** - Score Predictor - Now in its 9th Season !!

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Tottenham v BHA - Score Predictor

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BHA 14th travel to Spurs 7th for the Boxing Day clash. Both sides will be looking to bounce back after disappointing defeats.
Just as the seagulls were looking at a mid table spot, with results going against us over the weekend, we could be nervously looking over our shoulder if we don’t pick up some points in our next couple of matches.

Head to head we have met 29 times with BHA winning 7 of those & drawing 8. We only narrowly lost 1-0 back in April & could secure our first double of the season after that amazing 3-0 win in October at the Amex. We have lost our last 5 fixtures at Spurs, but did win 1-0 back in 1981 in the top flight.

As for the score predictor .....

6 Points:

Bognor Seagull, casbom, Marmaduke,

5 Points:

ALBION 28, bob_monkhouse, Dublin seagull, jonathonlivingstoneseagul, Lifelong Supporter, Maron1, NooBHA, OzMike, Tiptoe through the NSC

4 Points

Albion_Dave, bhadiv1, catfish, Cornish Rocket, Darloseagul, DavidRyder, Dirty Dave, Foul Play Rocks, Glanders, Jack Straw, Knightsworld, Lasvegan, Marshy, Monkey Man, Motogull, Nibbler, Nigella's Cream Pie, Saladpack Seagull, seagurn, The Brighton Bear, The Orange Seagull, wigwam, Withdean and I,

3 Points:

*Gullsworth*, Blackadder, Cantona's Flying Dropkick, chrispyk, Coldeanseagull, dazzer6666, eastterracemike, Easy 10, father_and_son, graz126, HantsSeagull, jeremyfisher, Ken Livingstone Seagull, lizard, Lord Sabre, Mancgull, Miami Seagull, Peter Grummit, PWA, RandyWanger, rudolf hucker, shingle, Shropshire Seagull, SK1NT, Steve Foster, studio150, SweatyMexican, Tokyohands, Toongull, tronnogull, WASH, Withdean11,

2 Points:

55yrs a seagull, Albion my Albion, Albion Edd, angmering albion, atfc village, B52, banjo, BIG GAY AL, Binney on acid, Biscuit Barrel, Bob!, Bod, Canfan, Cheshire, chrisg, CorgiRegisteredFriend, cowburn86, Coxovi, Crispy Ambulance, Denis, doogie004, Drebin, Dutch, Frankie, French Seagull, Goldstone1976, GYM, HalfaSeatOn, Hampster Gull, Happy Exile, Invicta, Jesus Gul, Knocky's Nose, Leegull, Lindfield23, Luke93,
Lurchy, ManOfSussex, Martyn Pelham, Megazone, mickeeboy, milliepops, mjking73, Monsieur Le Plonk, NelsonsLeft Boot, Ninja Elephant, Oscar, PauloAlbini, perseus, portslade seagull, Postman Pat, Poyningsgull, raymondo, Seagull, seagull_si, Shippers, SI 4 BHA, Skuller, southstandandy, spence, swindonseagull, This is me, Tilehurst Seagull, Tom Hark Preston Park, Trufflehound, Two Professors,VAL1850, waterhouse, Weststander, Winker,

1 Point:

A1X, Aaron31, Al Bion, Alba Badger, albionfan37, albion534, AmexRuislip, Arthritic Toe, B-right-on, Bald Gull, BBassic, BensGrandad, Bertie Wooster, bhafcjack, Blazing Apostle, Blue Valkyrie, bluenitsuj, BNthree, Bomber130, Bucephalus, burnee54, carlzeiss, cardboard, cjwoolven, Commander, Common as Mook, Creaky, Daffy Duck, darters74, DavePage, del strangefish, dibsy, Dumseagull, Easthill Andy, Ecosse Exile, Eric Youngs Contact Lense, escapefromarchway, ExmouthExile, FIVESTEPS, Flex Your Head, FloatLeft,GolfingGull, GooGull, GREASED WEASEL, Green Cross Code Man, GT Gull, HankSkorpio, Harry Wilson's tackle, Hereford Gull, Horton's halftime iceberg, herecomesaregular, Hornblower, Icy Gull, Iford Albion, indy3050, Is it PotG?, jameswestport, janee, JC Footy Genius, jmsc, JOLovegrove, JonnyCLately, Juan Albion, Knocker15, Luppers, m20gull, mac04, macbeth, Mackenzie, martin tyler, Milano, MJsGhost, Morvangull, Mouse28, Napier, Nathan, NEASTGULL, neilbard, nickjhs, Noah All, One Love, nordicgod, origigull, osgood, Papa Lazarou, Paul Reids Sock, Peppermint Tea, Peteinblack, Pevenseagull, PHCgull, phoenix, PILTDOWN MAN, Pintos, Plooks, pyi, RazzooRight Back, ridda, rocker959, Rogero, ruthers, SeagullCrow, Seagull85, SeagullSarge, seagull_special, Seasidesage, Skaville, smillie's garden, Smirko, Spanish Seagulls, Spicy, Steve351, StonehamPark, surrey jim, Sussex seagull, Swansman, The Lemming Stomper, The Wookiee, theboybilly, thedevonseagull, The grove, The Oldman, Tim Over Whelmed, tonyt, TottonSeagull, Trelford Mills Guide Dog, Uh_huh_him, weymouthmick, WilburySeagull, wilf tranter, Woodchip, Wonbrow, Worried Man Blues, wrong-direction


Watford 0 3 BHA, 320 scores, 6 correct
BHA 1 1 West Ham, 319 scores, 44 correct
BHA 0 2 Southampton, 316 scores, 3 correct
Bristol Rovers 1 2 BHA, 223 scores, 47 correct - League Cup
Man City 4 0 BHA, 288 scores, 33 correct
BHA 1 1 Burnley, 280 scores, 37 correct
Newcastle 0 0 BHA, 274 scores, 7 correct
BHA 1 3 Aston Villa, 211 scores, 2 correct - League Cup
Chelsea 2 0 BHA, 238 scores, 45 correct
BHA 3 0 Tottenham, 271 scores, 3 correct
Aston Villa 2 1 BHA, 272 scores, 26 correct
BHA 3 2 Everton, 238 scores, 5 correct
BHA 2 0 Norwich, 268 scores, 36 correct
Man Utd 3 1 BHA, 309 scores, 13 correct
BHA 0 2 Leicester, 276 scores, 49 correct
Liverpool 2 1 BHA, 243 scores, 7 correct
Arsenal 1 2 BHA, 250 scores, 53 correct
BHA 2 2 Wolves, 242 scores, 27 correct
Crystal Palace 1 1 BHA, 303 scores, 76 correct
BHA 0 1 Sheffield Utd, 251 scores, 7 correct

Hall of Fame

2018/2019 Arthritic Toe, Nibbler, Steve Foster 9 points
2017/2018 graz126, studio150 11 points
2016/2017 Rudolf hucker 10 points
2015/2016 Blackadder 12 points
2014/2015 OzMike 11 points
2013/2014 Paul Pring 12 points
2012/2013 OzMike 9 points
2011/2012 SWINDON SEAGULL 9 points

As always use your head. You decide......


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Looking at the respective squads and management it is hard to not believe that Spurs will be more up for it. I expect us to put up a good performance but their ability to score to be the key.

Your lot will beat the Albion 2-0. One a Kane header, the other from a counter attack whilst Dunk and co peddle in treacle 15 yards behind the scorer.


Sep 2, 2017
Given the lack of rest time between the next few games I think GP will need to think carefully about who plays in which games. Expecting midfield runners and quick strikers to play every game is too much. Personally I would target the Bournmouth game and accept we might lose at spurs.

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