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Things You Might Not Know Are Incredibly British

There are a lot of things we do as regular British folk that we take for granted as things that the rest of the world too, but the reality is a bit different. Turns out, there is an entire laundry list of things that are just so fundamentally British that they never made the jump into other countries.

Those who have never spent an extended time living abroad may be surprised at what Britain does differently, so what are the most unexpected examples we could find?

Everything Is A Sandwich​

Despite being famously invented in England, sandwiches in their most common forms have spread out across the world. With that said, aside from a few creative minds across the pond, no other country in the world has managed to find as many weird and wonderful sandwich ideas as us Brits.


Source: Unsplash

We're not talking about things like curry butties or Mars bar sandwiches either. Judging by GQ's reactions to the classic chip butty, apparently, even that is a bizarre creation by everyone else's standards. Something as decadent as a crisp sandwich doesn't seem to even register to them, and we've seen European tourists visibly confused by a bacon bap as they wonder where the other ingredients are.

We can't imagine what the reaction would be to something up North like the pie barm.

The Land of Bingo​

It's very hard to describe the level of bingo popularity in the UK compared to the rest of the entire world. We've all grown up with the local bingo hall nearby and absolutely everyone's nan and auntie stopping in a couple of times a week. In reality, the British probably play more bingo every year than the rest of the world combined. All of the specialist websites and online versions like Mr Q are UK-based and revolve all of their games around British players.

The only other country that comes close is the US but their bingo halls are much smaller and with a fraction of the number in any area.

The Kitchen Washroom​

Probably the oddest entry on this list, but something that visitors to Britain are quick to point out, is the fact that it's incredibly common in the UK to have a household washing machine in the kitchen. For a wide variety of reasons, although largely down to smaller house space, we are one of the only countries on earth to not have the machines in a separate room.


Source: Unsplash

The fact that this is a mainly British thing caused an uproar on Twitter a few years ago, with international opinions heavily divided. For us it's still just a necessity though; British homes on average are the smallest in Europe and almost the smallest in the developed world. Only the Japanese manage to live in smaller spaces.

We're sure there are plenty more things out there baffling tourists in the UK and our own countrymen going abroad to the same level. The next time you find yourself overseas, see what you can spot beyond the shape of the plug sockets.
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