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[Football] “The Definitive Ranking of Premier League Club Badges“

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Jul 7, 2003
3. Norwich - brilliant!

The ghoulish looking thing that is meant to be a lion but is quite clear a ghost/paper bag with eye holes attached to the body of a scruffy-looking dog: great. The fact that this is the beast guarding the gates to the castle: great. The fact the castle is, for some reason, only one storey tall, as though it were a kind of castle-bungalow, a castle for the retired: even greater.

Jesus Gul

Feb 23, 2004
Southampton's badge is is Sheff U, Norwich, Man U. Others a bit meh. Ours is a seagull in a circle

Easy 10

Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
Location Location
I'd never really looked very closely at Burnley's badge, but he's right. What an unmitigated pile of scruffily randomised sputum, which amounts to absolutely nothing. Mind you, the nazi salute is fairly apt I suppose.


Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
Given their two administrations I fail to see why the Palace badge still has 1905 front and centre surely it should be 2010 or whenever the last administration was.


Dec 26, 2011
The Shroppie
One thing about the Bournemuff badge... just what is the big sticking out thing on the back of the blokes neck?


British and Proud
Oct 15, 2014
Non EU
Most of the Premier league badges are shit. Anyone with an eye to detail can see that the Wolves badge is by far the best. Ours is clean and not over complicated.It's one of the better badges. Anyway who cares.

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