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The 2012-13 food and drink thread - prices, running out, quality and choice etc

Barry M

Active member
Jan 21, 2011
Pretty disappointed with the price hikes, its an extra £1 for a pie and pint, and its £2.50 for a soft drink what a joke. plus the bottles of fosters have increased by 70p at the beer stands, but only 50p at the kiosks? No beer at the stand at half time, and the pies were terrible today, over cooked and no sauce!

Davey Boy Smith

Active member
Jul 5, 2003
Given the catering is supplied by Azure I assume they set the prices and profit margins etc? Don't think it's fair ripping in to Barber for the price of catering.

Bry Nylon

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Helpful Moderator
Jul 21, 2003
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I bought a pint at one of the bars in the North Stand and it was £3.90. I then moved to the last bar nearer the West Stand and it was £4 a pint. I queried this with the bar manager and said that they knew about it and that they had not had the time to change the prices since the Fat Boy Slim concert. She reluctantly gave me back 40p for the four pints I had ordered.This sounds like a fiddle.

The FBS concert was 2nd June. Today is August 4th.

If Azure need more than 2 months to alter a few till prices prices then they really are a far more inept outfit than even I had ever considered possible. Soviet controlled tractor planning and production in 1980's Hungary was more nimble than that.


Well-known member
Jun 28, 2011
Don't moan about the prices. When I went to watch the GB v Uruguay game on Wednesday they were charging £7.50 for a bacon roll and a Pepsi!!!!!

They sold Pepsi at an Olympic event? Surprised they were allowed to do that.


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2010
Brighton, United Kingdom
If its electronic tills, surely all it takes is to change it on 1 till and it automatically changes them all?

That's what happens with ours?

Azure sound worse than last year, and that's saying something


New member
Jun 26, 2012
Chicken & chorizo pie was good though, even if they can't spell 'choritzo' properly! They quickly had run out though when my mate went to get one and then didn't have steak either......this was at 2:10, v poor.


Well-known member
Jul 4, 2003
They are going to lose a hell of a lot of pre match trade now, well done whichever idiot decided on the monumental price hike.


New member
Jul 9, 2011
Some people on here have really got to wake up and see which way the wind is blowing, if your constantly complaining about 30p here and there, what the fxxk will you do when the amex buiseness plan calls for 15 to 25 per cent ticket price hikes when were hopefully in the promised land. My average spend is £140 on catering every home game. Once we reach the PL there will be plenty of people to take up the places of all of you who will not to be able to afford it. So a big thankyou and Goodbye to all who keep sniveling about 30 fxckings pence
Your'e a very lucky person to have that much spare cash to spend on catering. A lot of people run to very tight budgets, in fact I know two Albion fans that are out of work and cannot afford season tickets let alone a big spend on catering. For these two there is a still wind. Get real.


Coffee Buyer
Jul 5, 2003
perhaps the pies and pints are now having to pay the travel surcharge as well?

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