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[Albion] Terrible support, terrible facilities, terrible day.


Mar 19, 2023
Was worried about upper tiers lacking atmosphere but there was loads of signing and shouting and people on their feet at times in 547. More singing that we have in the west stand at the Amex, that’s for sure!

Agree on the facilities. Truly awful. Beyond the stadium facilities I would also single out the fan zone with the non moving drinks queues. Who the hell needs beer taps? Pre pour out that lager as you’ll learn from any major event and keep those queues moving!


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Jul 8, 2022
I was up high on the half way line and the atmosphere was fine. As good as you can get it in odd circumstances where usual groups aren't sitting near each other and you have a massive prawn sandwich rubber ring round the middle. We were as loud if not more so as united. And we didn't have to sing any songs, as adults, that have "Nick Nack Paddywhack" in the lyrics.

The noise during penalties was deafening. Not that it helped. (I did wonder if it might put the keeper off more actually)


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Dec 8, 2021
I thought having seats in safe standing would mean being surrounded by singers, far from it, constantly trying to get songs going surrounded by blokes with their arms crossed. I know these games get all the weirdos out the woodwork but f*** me. Also shutting all the bars so no one can hang around after as the queues die down, who's idea was that? Currently surrounded by "manc" twats heading south. f*** off
Did you clip any of their ears at Baker street? Tube only went that far the thick northern tw@ts thought it was going to Euston and I could see a bit of pushing and so dont think there was enough space to get an arm and fist flying. Complete scum manure deliberately singing in the ears of OAPs and kids at Baker St. I hope we thrash those cvnts at the Amex and City win the cup.
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Sep 3, 2012
What was even worse , all the bars were shut before the 90 mins were up ,
no chance of any refreshments during extra time

Yes Chef

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Apr 11, 2016
In the kitchen
Day trippers and a tense game were not conducive to a great atmosphere. I was in the safe standing, and me and my mates sang throughout, but tbh it wasn't the partisan wall of sound I was hoping for.

I thought it might be down to expectation levels. If we had gone into the game with little chance of progression/winning there might have been a more cavalier approach from the fans, instead we had a nervous audience watching a cagey match


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Sep 9, 2003
Thames Ditton
Been to many games at Wembley… never been a good atmosphere… loudest fans I’ve heard there are Borussia Dortmund fans.

Albion chant sounded good… everything else was fairly quiet. Man U fans worse though.

Ike and Tina Burner

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Mar 22, 2019
Can anyone explain why they choose to play generic pop music as loud as possible right up until kick off? It makes it much harder to build up any sort of pre-match atmosphere.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Realised about half hour before the game I hadn’t bought a programme as a souvenir, so went back inside from seat and asked a steward where I could purchase one.

“What’s a programme?” came his response.

Now, I know I don’t need to explain what a programme is to anyone here, but when suddenly confronted with the prospect of having to explain what a programme is to someone when you wouldn’t expect to at a location where you wouldn’t expect to it’s incredibly challenging!
What's a souvenir?

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Pretty sure they had GoSbtS lined up for if we'd gone through, folks.
Never deny a winner a moment of self indulgence.

Especially when they will be rogered to within a Great British imperial inch of their subrectal mucosa when the blue moon is inserted repeatedly in the final.

Wem ber lee does have a whiff of Pontins about it though. Even in the posh tier. There wasn't even any f***ing sushi. What will Mitoma's JFC be thinking? Shitehouse.

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