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[Football] Stuff that never happens in football anymore

Guy Fawkes

The voice of treason
Sep 29, 2007
Players staying on their feet after a robust challenge rather than already starting to fall over as they anticipate (minimal) contact that we see nowadays


Aug 24, 2020
Reliant Robins parked by a corner flag


Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Commentators without egos even bigger than the players on the pitch, who didn’t babble in a relentless, breathless, highly excitable manner which makes the game nearly unwatchable.
Try turning your 'device' off, when you're at the Amex.

Serious reply: commentators were dull and cliché ridden until the breath of fresh air, sadly hounded out of a job, that was Alan Green.

I remember Maurice Edelstone and Bryon Butler banging on about what a 'cheekie chappie' Johnnie Giles was, on radio 2 in around 1971. Christ.


Jan 15, 2010
Being touched up by a paedo in the south stand. I can see his face now 70 years on.

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