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[Albion] Stoke FA Cup on TV.

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo

Why Did You Let It Bounce
Oct 4, 2003
Looks like 6 of the 8 games are on TV.

Leicester vs Blackburn and Ipswich or Burnley vs Sheff Wed or Fleetwood are the two that miss out.


You can change this
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Good to see it's on Free to Air TV - but FA Cup 5th. round matches (not replays either) squeezed in to Tuesday evenings (particularly wet Tuesday evenings in Stoke!) is a bloody disgrace! Suppose it's yet another fall out from the blasted World Cup in the wrong place at the wrong time.
They were midweek last year too - not sure about prior to that.

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