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[Technology] Space issue while fitting an In Car gramophone player.

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Stat Brother

Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
Attempting to fit a new wireless into Jnrs old car.
All good except for the lack of space behind new stereo.

Inside where the stereo sits there's an odd inch wide plastic bar down the back, which appears to be the problem.

I have two options:-

A) try and cut out the bar.
2) Remove the metal plate from the back of the stereo.

Currently gone with option 2 and the tape deck now fits, leaving the obvious question:-

Does this plate, held in by 3 Phillips screws, actually do anything?



May 3, 2012
Surely you just need to attach it to the bottom of the dashboard and leave it dangling above the cassette deck like in my old Triumph Herald? Or stick it in the glove compartment?

Eric the meek

New pork markets !
Aug 24, 2020
Put it on the dashboard and keep it in place with gorilla tape. If it obscures the view out of the windscreen, take it off just before you take it for its MOT.

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