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[Albion] Song for Karou Mitoma (I need your help)

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Mar 18, 2014
To the greatest anthem to be played in a football stadium, Freed From Desire. But I need help finishing off the lyrics 😂

Karou Mitoma
Running down the line
Karou Mitoma
Japan's number 9 (if that number continues...)
Karou Mitoma
(Then something about Brighton...)

I know it's a half-arsed job but that's what NSC if for!


Jan 27, 2009
Shoreham Beach
Any chant that includes running down the wing, is not exactly setting the bar high. the assistant linesmen can run down the wing for me, if it means he/she gets the offside calls right.

You know your problem, he keeps the ball in
You know your problem he keeps the ball in
then he's going to make you sorry.


Jul 25, 2003
Something I don't think we're very good at as a fan base is coming up with original songs to well-known tunes that haven't been used for football songs before . Freed from Desire was a great tune to put 'Will Grigg's on fire' to, but it's been done to death now. Last song I think we had to an original tune was Connor Gold(son), always believe in your soul etc. We also had a few trying to start Maupay I'm in Love (Friday I'm in Love), I think, but it never caught on unfortunately. However it shows we're capable at least.

And yes, I'm happy to admit that I haven't ever come up with a suggestion myself.


Oct 14, 2003

Oh, when you're big in Japan, tonight
Big in Japan, play tight
Big in Japan, where the Brighton sea's so blue
Big in Japan, alright
He’s playing down our left hand side
Things are easy when you're big in Japan
Oh, when you're big in Japan

hart's shirt

Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai
"Germany knocked out simply was divine
Albion's Japan gem, he's starting to shine
If Chelsea come in, we should just decline
The goal was fine, ball on the line."

(with apologies to Johnny Cash)
Karou Mitoma
We’re loving Karou Mitoma
We really think so
this by far is outstanding, I’m nicking this and doing it old school, I.e singing it out loud when pissed up hoping it catches on as opposed to getting approval on here.
I also like the idea of TBS one, i‘d sing “He’s Germany’s problem, he keeps the ball in…” although a bit of work is possibly needed on the bit after*

* my opinion only
How about this, from Lola by the Kinks :

Tony Bloom came up and he said to me,

You’re the player that everyone wants to see,

Oh Mitoma!

Ma, ma, ma, Mitoma!

Ma, ma, ma, Mitoma!

Rinse and repeat. :drink:
This also has massive potential however would probably be sung at 100 miles an hour making it as un recognizable at that Abba song about Caicedo coming from Equador and not being able to hit a barn door

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