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[Albion] Solly March, local lad and Premier League star, is f***ing brilliant


Dec 26, 2011
Someone on here wrote that Solly's goal was deflected. Just watched it a few times, and no way was there a deflection.
A superb strike, nothing less.

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
After bagging your first goal in years and hitting a screamer how do you celebrate, that’s right a double date with the Veltmans via the drive through


I changed this.
Jul 28, 2011
Amazing that the player who scored the goal that sealed our promotion is still scoring goals for us six seasons later. 🤩
Point of order!

Muzza got the 2nd goal in that game and it was a Derby player scoring in the late kick-off who mathematically secured it.

But also - I fuckin love Solly.

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