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[Albion] Sheff Utd - Cup or League?

Which Sheff United (A) game are you going to?

  • Cup

  • League

  • Neither

  • Both

Results are only viewable after voting.

Doc Lynam

I hate the Daily Mail
Jun 19, 2011
looking like a good draw, some big teams playing each other already.


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Well-known member
Apr 10, 2023
More than likely Cup but depends on day and time of Cup game, once decided.

Would happily do both. Finances and 'er indoors say not.
Same was going to do both but doing spurs away as well the boss lady said either Sheffield in cup or lge so chose cup

Happy Exile

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Apr 19, 2018
Depends on the date of the cup game. If it's on a weekend I'll do both, otherwise just the league for now as can't take a day off for travel to an evening kick-off unfortunately.

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
Any ideas as to when the date for the cup game will be released?


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May 23, 2004
Not going to the League game as it is a Sunday but hopefully the Cup one if it is on the Saturday.

Not a comment on the relative importance of the matches, I would be doing the same if they swapped days.


Concourse Kabe. *Posts may be affected by alcohol.
Aug 16, 2015

Already planned the weekend around the league game as visiting relatives oop north (very handy now the trains are screwed).

And while it's turned out to be not the most exciting tie and another trip up there, was always going to go to the cup game regardless of who we drew.

Just hope it's the Saturday, trying to keep leave for Europe.

Colonel Mustard

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Jun 18, 2023
You can in your poll but what happens if you decide that if you are going to tick the 'both' box, there is no need to tick league and cup? And because you allow ticking of more than one box some people will tick league cup and both, whereas others may tick only both, or tick league and cup and think their work is done.

You should have put both at the top of the poll and allowed only one choice.
As an ex-interface designer I was similarly disappointed by the suboptimal design here, which breaks a number of rules. They should be radio buttons to ensure only one selection is possible. By introducing checkboxes, all hell breaks loose, and results will be distorted. I went for Cup, Neither and Both to be doubly naughty.

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