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Seagulls in Australia


New member
Mar 30, 2004
Brisbane Queensland
Does anyone know of a Seagulls supporters club (or something similar) in Australia? I'm sure there must be more than one of us here.
Thanks to the Moody for sending me every copy of Richard Lindfield's bizzare musings in the Leader.


New member
Oct 17, 2003
dunno but im not the only seagull in doncaster. on my way home from work on monday i saw a car parked up on their driveway with a bhafc sticker in the window. its been there every day this week. not noticed it b4 because im a contractor and work on different jobs all the time. meaning this is a new way home from this job.

Gull Downunder

New member
Jul 7, 2003
There is MASS in Melbourne check out the link below: I think there's a link on the official site.

There's also a goup in Sydney and several followers dotted all around the Great Southern Land most of which keep tabs on things via NSC and such sites. :clap2:

The word of the Gospel of the Albion has reached the Antipodes and the far flung corners of the earth.

Let us pay homage to the mighty Albion. Repeat after me... Seagulls, Seagulls, Seagulls... (repeat ad infinitum) :bowdown:

CP 0 3 BHA

Well-known member
Nov 28, 2003
I've converted my Perth based relatives - been to a game and taken back shirts - which may have been worn to Perth Glory game or two.

There was a Perth Seagull on here at one stage but not sure if that was Scotland or Oz

The Maharajah of Sydney

Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
Sydney .
There's a hardcore of 3 of us in Sydney who meet up
irregulary every few months , occasionally bolstered by
visiting friends & relatives .
Was up in Brisbane last weekend , let us know when your in Sydney .


New member
Jul 7, 2003
Stumpy and I are often drunk and expressing our love of asian women around the bars of Sydney!

How's about all Albion supporters downunder converge on Sydney for a St Gerorges day pissup (Friday 23rd April) in Pier 26 Darling Harbour (only cause I work there and can get very cheap drinks) all wear Albion Shirts, and we'll get wasted!

f***ing Oath!
The young Miss Bracknell has now fled Sydney, but is geared up to celebrate Albion victories against Blackpool and Rushden in a bar in Rarotonga. If there are any other Seagulls in the Cook Islands, let me know and I'll contact her.

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