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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game

Deadly Danson

Well-known member
Oct 22, 2003
He wanted the club to push on and progress, unlike the Yes Man previous bloke. Ah, well, back to another Yes Man. Such a shame ☹️
What a load of old bollocks. So Bloom and Barber don't want the club to progress? RDZ just wanted a whole wedge of cash to make his job easier - oh well he can find a club who'll give him loads of players where he'll probably find short term success before being sacked.


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NSC Patron
Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
We literally bought Baleba for £25m, Pedro for £30m, Dahoud (RDZ's choice), Barco, Fati (this failed)

The summer 23 window left us with zero non-work in progress defensive midfielders, zero PL quality cover for Velts and Estupinan. With a bigger programme ahead and an historic chance in Europe.

Not after-timing, countless posters mentioned these aspects last August.

(Dahoud played a ‘Gundogan’ esque role in Germany, not a DM or pivot).

A woefully deficient window.

@Guinness Boy famously summed it up mid season with RDZ’s having to manage “with one hand tied behind his back”.

This was inevitable once Bild mentioned Bayern really rate him.

Dun Lurkin

Active member
Feb 20, 2023
And so to all the succession speculation threads. Lets hope the new man can encourage the players to attack more speedily. Bye Roberto, been nice knowing you.


Active member
Apr 15, 2012
Sorry to say, but feels like the beginning of the end, like when we sacked Laudrup.

Hope I'm wrong. You need to get someone to continue your current style.. someone like Russel Martin, Graham Potter... Knutsen, Pimienta


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Jul 5, 2003
He wanted the club to push on and progress, unlike the Yes Man previous bloke. Ah, well, back to another Yes Man. Such a shame ☹️
Push on and progress from a top 6 finish? Sure, that would be great - but you could break the bank trying and still end up mid-table if not worse. There are a minimum of 9 clubs with far, far greater resources. We've got a structure that makes us competitive which is an achievement in itself - and Bloom will want more European football. Thankfully, he won't put the club at risk to achieve it, particularly for a volatile manager who demands a very specific style of player.

Onwards and if not upwards, about where we are.... which is bloody good already.

Beach Hut

Brighton Bhuna Boy
Jul 5, 2003
Living In a Box
Can understand if big club like Juventus or Bayern have come in for him but is of great concern if going because he feels not getting support from Bloom.
It is all about how Bloom is running the club and developing players, RDZ not into it hence rather pathetic post match comments.

There is nothing concerning at all

Hugo Rune

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Feb 23, 2012
We deserve a genuine reason from club not a crap statement from PB
I guess he told PB/TB he wanted Bayern. The club have decided to release him from his contract as he is not going to a rival and has been our best manager of all time.

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