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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game


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Feb 12, 2005
Allegedly he had a bust up with Dunk a few weeks back, the final straw perhaps

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Mar 30, 2006
We have
Let’s see. Club picked up when CH left but Poyet’s departure led to the first team being run down for 2 seasons.

Will be reinstating my relegation misery hedge bet next season.
We have cast our net far and wide and altered the quality of our targets enormously since Poyet, the club is in an entirely different position. Bloom and Barber have had a long time to prepare for this, one can only hope (and I am glass half full) that their contingency will continue to be high quality as Potter and RDZ were.


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Aug 16, 2019
Sussex by the Sea
I don’t know how I feel. Part of me is surprised. Part of me saw it coming. Part of me is sad and disappointed. Part of me is pleased as results have been poor.

Just hope we get a good replacement in.

Any wagers on De Zerbi to replace e Poch?

Is it PotG?

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Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea
No Europa, 10th at best, no manager.

I can hear a few 'how do I apply for cancellation of 24/25 ST?'
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Jul 5, 2003
I don't think we'll ever see the likes of that football again at the Albion and for that I will forever be thankful to RDZ. He's shown what can be achieved. Something just went south since January and I'm not actually surprised by the announcement. I mean the injury list was utterly crippling of course, but you just have to crack on with it and adapt. Be interesting to see who comes in.

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