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[Politics] Rip off Britain


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Jan 27, 2014
I have been reading the reviews for the new Hyundai KONA Hybrid 2024 model is being advertised will be £34,000 for the base model

I wondered how much our cousins across the pond would be paying for the same model and it’s £19,000!

while in France they are quoting £20,000

With the UK predicted to have the highest inflation of all the G7 it’s currently 7.1% and this inept Government putting out stupid statements and I quote;

The government said it was confident it was "on the right track to halve inflation" by the end of 2023”.

It added that the OECD's forecast "illustrates yet again why we need to stick to the plan that we have set out"

where is the evidence that our Government is mana things better than the other G7 members


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Jul 11, 2003
town full of eejits
not with that twatt in charge mate ....he would swear the sky is green and the BBC would believe it and convince most of you the same


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Oct 19, 2003
View from the outside:

Your government is absolutely taking the piss out of you while blaming anyone else and dismantling your avenues to complain.

Been going on for a while and people lap it up.

How much more can they shit on the electorate before they realise the shit is coming from above rather than people in little boats, the EU, travellers, poor people, brown people, transgender people etc etc

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