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[Film] RIP Hardy Kruger

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Lenny Rider

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2010
Proper old school film star.

The Wild Geese, Bridge Too Far and The One That Got Away.

And he even got a mention in Porridge The Movie.

Eric Potts

Jul 26, 2004
Top o' Hanover


portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
One of my favourite films 'the wild geese' last surviving actor from this film. R.I.P Hardy

I was watching a programme that mentioned TWG recently and thought I must sit down and see that again some day. Personified the All Star Cast action movies of its time

As a kid I remember begging to be allowed to stay up late to watch it - was one of those 10.30pm after the news on ITV blockbusters! Accompanied by a front cover on that weeks TV Times and top ‘coming soon’ billing back in the day a couple of months out which built the excitement to fever pitch by time it aired! Sort of film every boy talked about at school next day, and if you weren’t allowed to have watched, then you were desperate to find a mate with a video who’d recorded it and head round theirs next day to see!

Hardy Kruger was such a recognisable film star from that era, may he RIP. A fine actor. :salute:
I've just read a little about him: he came from a NSDAP-supporting family but was convinced by another that Hitler was a criminal while serving in the military. From there he helped Jews as much as he could. Late in the war he refused to kill American soldiers while in the SS and was sentenced to death. He was protected by another officer who found him other work and the sentence wasn't carried out. Quite a life and a decent human being

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