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[Albion] RIP Gerry Ryan

Lenny Rider

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Sep 15, 2010
Just taken a call from Liam Brady and he’s asked me to post on here so it’s my sad duty to inform NSC that we’ve lost one of our Albion family today, Gerry Ryan sadly passed away in a hospice in Southern Ireland around 4.30.

One of the integral members of the 1983 FA Cup squad he later returned to the club as Liam’s assistant, at what turned out to be the beginning of one of the Albion’s darkest episodes, through no fault of either Liam or Gerry.

The words Albion legend can be thrown around far too easily, but I believe he was exactly that.

My overriding Gerry memory is his solo goal at the Goldstone in front of the North Stand in December 1979, thankfully in front of the big match cameras, well actually it’s not, I later got to know him and had the privilege of him being a guest at a couple of Gulls Eye Dinners, and he was a true Gent and very much one of us.

RIP old boy, the Albion will never forget you ❤️

(Rare for me to be lost for words but I’m actually very emotional 💔, part of our lives)

(Apologies for the quality if anyone’s cost a better one please post up👍)
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Sep 15, 2004
Hurst Green
Oh no..................RIP Gerry. Pleasure to have known you personally.

Beach Hut

Brighton Bhuna Boy
Jul 5, 2003
Living In a Box
RIP, sad day


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Jun 22, 2006
La Rochelle
So very very sad.


hart's shirt

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Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai
I was 12 when he gave me and many of us one of our greatest memories at the Goldstone.

15:45 on the video onwards.

Thanks, Gerry.



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NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jul 6, 2003
Oh, no! That is terrible news. I knew he hadn't been in the best of health, but I hadn't realised he was in a hospice.

RIP Albion legend. Remember that goal against Man City? (Not forgetting the ones against Newcastle and Forest).

Very very sad. :(

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