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[NSC] Remove my account and all my posts thanks

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Easy 10

Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
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Couldn't Be Hyypia

We've come a long long way together
Nov 12, 2006
Near Dorchester, Dorset
Changes everything as far as Im concerned. That Kafkian tool is the most viciously frustrating shit Ive encountered.

Do what you want or need or feel like with the account... Either way, Im going on a month of NSC vacation.
And there we have it.

And the last time you said you were going to take a break, you were back the next day.

Guinness Boy

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Jul 23, 2003
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Two threads, ducky fuzz! I take it you’re not familiar with the work of TomandJerry and Mustafa II? ??? They do two threads for breakfast as a warm up. The much-maligned Swansman rarely ever starts a thread.
Starts enough, but it's the non stop posting, rather than thread starting, that's irked people. And, here we are again, discussing Swansman instead of ripping the piss out of scousers and enjoying endless replays of THAT goal.

And he's done it deliberately because we're doing so well under RDZ. Biggest snide on the board.

Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....
Seeing how people have had little luck sorting this through PMs in the past, I'm just going to put it here as well:

Remove my account and all my posts.

(what a win and what a goal from Mitoma today btw)

you used my flounce against me once, and we have clashed numerous times.
I could be self righteous, but you I see you in me.

your a bit of a twat, but you have a point occasionally, put the smoke down. Eat some pizza
and come back fella when you feel right….

or just feck off :ROFLMAO:


Feb 7, 2011
The fact we're doing this again within a fortnight and splitting into "team stay" and "team go" should tell you all you need to know about what the problem is.
Yes - the problem is that a handful of posters are unable to use the ignore function and can't resist the urge to reply to a post they don't agree with. Both this thread, and if I remember correctly, the previous stay/go thread, appear to be a majority of opinions that he should stay.

I hesitate to say this as I usually like you as a poster and I'm sure you do a fantastic job overall as a mod. But I do find it somewhat distasteful that, as a mod, you often goad Swansman yourself (both of you giving as good as you get), and you are now one of those complaining about how discussions involving him take over threads.

I'll also add that there are plenty of other posters who I'm pretty sure irritate a number of other users. Do we really want to go down that route and start pushing other posters away from this forum when a chunk of users don't like what (or how often) they post?
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