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[Football] REMF XXI - details

Aug 11, 2003
The Open Market
The 21st and final Robert Eaton Memorial Fund (REMF) Challenge Trophy Match will take place on Friday 2nd June at the American Express Community Stadium, kick off 7pm. Entry will be £6.00 for adults, and £2.50 for Under 16s.

REMF recently announced that it was winding down fundraising activity, with a view to closing the charity early in 2024. Please come along to support the teams one last time in this Winner-Keeps-All final match.

These are the basic details, so please save the date. More information will be made available in the next few days.

Tickets now on sale here... https://ticketpass.org/event/EGOTHT/the-final-remf-match

REMF poster v3.jpg
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Jul 10, 2003
I was involved in a small way in the first one and holds some good memories for me, shame I am not there.
Who knows, maybe the start of a great weekend as the FA cup final is the next day.


Jul 6, 2003
Brilliant! Really looking forward to getting changed in the Amex changing rooms and running out onto the pitch!

(Because all us players from the first match will be playing in the last one ...... won't we? :) )
Aug 11, 2003
The Open Market
Why is the REMF stopping?

Jul 7, 2003

It's not quite what I was after, it just says that everyone agrees it is time to stop, which is fair enough 22 years and 330,000 raised is a phenomenal effort. I was just wondering what the reason behind everyone agreeing to stop was. Is the organisation too much work now - many things will have changed in their lives over 22 years. Is the closure itself an act of closure? As a charity is it struggling to raise suitable amounts of money?

I realise that ultimately it is none of my business and I don't want my post to come across as critical or negative. I'm just genuinely a little saddened to see it go, it's been such a great and uniting thing.

Uncle Spielberg

Jul 6, 2003
REMF 1 BHAFC supporters squad 9/11/2001, trying to reunite, please share

Richard Allen
Tim Ayling
Steve Baines
Kevin Barrett
Simon Sebbage - found
Joe Byrne
Paul Camillin
Gavan Collins
Wayne Emerson - found
Gareth Glover - found
Richard Goodman - RIP
Matt Gurr
Ricky Marlowe - found
Andy McKirdy
Mark Owen
Clive Power
Tim Vince
Dave Wilcock - found
Aelred Wilkinson
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Active member
Dec 8, 2022
I had the honour of playing in the second REMF match at Withdrawn.( We lost 5-0 !!)
Was it really all those years ago !!

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