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REMF 9 - A Rallying Call - Please Read

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Uncle Spielberg

Jul 6, 2003
The 9th annual Robert Eaton Memorial Trophy match is being played on Friday 30th April at Lewes FC , 7.45 pm kick off between BHAFC supporters and CPFC supporters.

Since the first game in November 2001 in the wake of 9/11 when one of our own Robert Eaton was tragically killed the event has been held every year.

The CPFC supporters team won the first 2 matches and since then the BHAFC supporters team have won 6 in a row with the last 5 games being won on penalties.

Our friends from CPFC are once again coming down to play in the memory of Robert Eaton and without them the fund would not have become what it has.

I am sure the CPFC supporters team are desperate to take the trophy back to Croydon this year and it should be a super charged atmosphere.

Peter Ward has today arrived after travelling over 3000 just to play in the game as he has adopted the REMF as his chosen charity. Ricky Marlowe is on route with a 450 mile drive from Edinburgh to play. Simon Rodger is playing for the CPFC supporters team and Ian Chapman will be giving the man of the match trophy along with match sponsor , Phil Shelley.

Since 2001 the fund has now raised over £ 80000. In 2008 REMF 8 made £ 7000 and I can announce REMF 9 has made over £ 7000 this year in pre match donations which is a record since 2001. We all hope to break through the £ 10000 barrier this year which would be an amazing achievement.

Since 2001 the fund has provided kit, equipment and sponsorship to Los Peladitos in Queens for underpriviledged Hispanic children in a deprived area of New York with 230 sets of kit and 150 footballs and a further 2 year funding package, 8 local Sussex youth football teams , a youth football team in Croydon in recognition of their wonderful efforts. We have also given £ 3000 to Coaching for Hope in Mali to give children who have lost their parents to aids an opportunity to play football and £ 7000 to the Seagulls Specials for the handicapped and special needs organisation to carry on their wonderful work. We have also donated to children in Cambodia and South Africa.

The fund in 2009 won the huge accolade of the Argus Sussex Charity of the year after being short listed 4 times in the last 8 years.

The fund has big plans for 2011 and for REMF 10.

This is where you come in. If you are at a loose end tomorrow I gratefully ask everyone who can to come along to the game and support the teams , the event and the fund.

It is £ 5 on the gate and under 16’s if accompanied with an adult will get in for free.

There will be a superb raffle and there is a fully stocked bar and a guest appearance from the BHAFC cheerleaders , Gully’s Girls. You will be assured of a warm welcome and a special and unique night I am sure you will enjoy.

All BHAFC and CPFC supporters can be very proud of the fund and the difference it has made to hundreds and hundreds of children across the World who may not have been able to play the game they love without the funds support.

What better way to honour the memory of Robert Eaton.
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Tricky Dicky

Jul 27, 2004
Sunny Shoreham
Can't make it but best of luck.

Can you believe it is 9 years since we started this thing ?? As they say, time flies like an arrow (but fruit flies like a banana).


Jul 5, 2003
If you haven't sponsorsed anyone yet then please FEEL FREE to get involved and sponsor me. Link in my signature!


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