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[Albion] Premier League 3-5/2/23


Feb 25, 2016
10 players behind the ball, one up front. Smother the game and hope to nick a goal with a lumped forward pass. It’s pretty much what Frank was doing wasn't it? Arsenal going to have to commit a bit more.

Would love an Everton victory here. Let Man City hopefully catch up to Arsenal a bit, put the pressure on.

Johnny RoastBeef

Wanna balloon?
Jan 11, 2016
From the BBC website



Dec 21, 2011
Dyche getting a Tarkowski goal from a McNeil corner reminds me of Murray, Bong & Knockaert winning that one game for Chris Hughton's Forest. It's like some heist movie when somebody says "We're going to have to get the old gang back together" and they do a montage where they go round collecting them up from boring suburbia and bar floors, except in this case they're surprised to find that they were already playing for Everton.


PROD with the PROD
Oct 17, 2008
Classic Maupay. Just lovely stuff.

I actually wanted Arsenal to win as I can’t stand Everton, but I must admit they looked night and day from how they’ve been for the rest of this season.

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