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[Albion] Premier League 28/5/23

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex


Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Aston Villa v Brighton & Hove Albion - Sky Sports
Brentford v Manchester City
Chelsea v Newcastle United
Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest
Everton v AFC Bournemouth - Sky Sports
Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur - BT Sport
Leicester City v West Ham United - Sky Sports
Manchester United v Fulham
Southampton v Liverpool

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Oct 20, 2010
Leeds and Everton to go down please, if that means Spurs making Europe ahead of Villa or Brentford I'm fine with that.

I'd also like Wolves to win, Palace and Chelsea to lose please. I know Palace will stay in 11th but it would push Chelsea down to 13th which would be funny.


Feb 1, 2009
If it sends Leeds down I’m all for it

The added benefit is spurs would be massively underwhelmed by Europa Conference football
Maybe - but they would be mortified if pipped at the post by Villa or Brentford and booted out of any opportunity to play in Europe.

I greatly favour mortified over underwhelmed! :thumbsup:


Jun 26, 2009
Current form suggests we might not get much at VP.
Sadly, I have to agree with this.

Since losing at home to Arsenal in Feb (2-4 on the 18th), Villa's home form has been pretty much perfect - only 1 goal conceded, 12 scored in 6 straight wins.

On the flip side, we're f***ing brilliant and playing for nothing might just encourage even more flair... if I were a betting man (I am), I'd be betting on there being a lot of goals...

It certainly won't be dull - I wouldn't be surprised if we either get tonked, or absolutely smash them.


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Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
Now Spurs have been handed those 5 Bonus Points for being the 'Team most likely to...' we need a win here lads.
Of course it goes along with Liverpool being handed 7 bonus points for being the 'Team everyone wants in the UCL'

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