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[Albion] Premier League 10-12/2/24


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Jun 20, 2021
Amazing how poor Chelsea players are when they played very well at Brighton. Apparently Colwell is useless, Caicedo is a shadow of the player he was with us and whatever happened to Cucurella?
How many times did Caceido lose the ball like that for us? Hardly ever. What has happened to him?

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Jul 5, 2003
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It's not a question of cheering anyone one. It's just wanting the best outcome.

The rivalry with Palace, to me, is just a fun annual pantomime.

Our real rivals each season are the ones who could do us some damage. In this case, it's still Chelsea.

Palace beat Villa last year. Would you like to have reversed that result ?
Our views of what a rivalry means are fundamentally different. I always want to see them lose. You can always unpick various results across the season for it to benefit us, but where we finish is ultimately down to us, not them, just as it is for everyone else.


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Jul 20, 2003


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Oct 1, 2017
Its pass-pass-pass-THUMP

Bollocks is it. How can anyone on here watch Palace actually cheering them on ?? Behave.

Because some of us are fully grown adults who recognise that at the end of the day most of their fans support their local team the same as us? As others have said, love the rivalry but I don't get silly about it outside of match day.. it would help us massively if palace won today so yeah I'd rather they won - doesn't mean I'm actively celebrating any goals they score

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