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[Football] Players where you have to use their full name

Cotton Socks

Feb 20, 2017
Declan Rice Phillips. Although it was mentioned the other day that there is no such player, I made them Google it & it just proved that I have no idea about any player unless they play or have played for Brighton.
I won the argument about Chuba Akpom last week though! :clap:

Barham's tash

Jun 8, 2013
Rayners Lane
It’s a cadence thing isn’t it? Some full names trip off the tongue nicely others don’t.

My pet peeve has always been the use of ….Football Club that’s crept in. Yes guys, we’re not playing netball or cricket here so I think we can dispense don’t you?! All an act to make summarisers appear more intelligent than they perhaps otherwise are. I don’t know why but I irrationally blame Lee Hendrie for this particular trait.

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