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[Albion] Player ratings - Cardiff


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Mar 8, 2008


Objective but passionate
Aug 10, 2014
Ryan 5
Bruno 5
Dunk 3
Duffy 4
Bernardo 4
Stephens 2
Pröpper 3
March 6.5
Jahanbaksh 1
Groß 4
Murray 4

Andone 2
Izquierdo 2

Hughton 0

Knocky's Nose

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May 7, 2017
Ryan 4
Bruno 6
Dunk 4
Duffy 4
Bernardo 4
Stephens 1
Pröpper 3
March 6
Jahanbaksh 2
Groß 4
Murray 5

Andone 3
Izquierdo 2

Hughton 2

March and Bruno the only players who showed up tonight. Murray tried, as he always does, but wasn't up to it. I just feel empty this evening.


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Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Ryan 2 - couldn't do much about the goals (especially the first) but looked shaky and nervy

Bernardo 2 - hard to do much when you're surrounded by mediocrity
Duffy 1 - at least showed willing but was frustrated and let it boil over toward the end
Dunk 1 - only player taking it forward at times
Bruno 3 - big ask to come into this shambles, didn't embarrass himself

Jahanbakhsh 0 - lucky to score that high
Stephens 0 - Cardiff's MOTM
Propper 0 - Only slightly less shit than Stephens, in the same way food poisoning is slightly less shit than norovirus
March 5 MOTM - at least he tried

Gross 3 - slow, had a few moments but could produce nothing
Murray 1 - sorry Glenn, time to hang the boots up now mate

Andone 1 - did **** all
Izquierdo 1 - a shadow of his former self

Hughton 0 - didn't even make a third sub. Not sure whether that says more about him or the players at his disposal, but to not even lump on Locadia for Bruno or something in desperation looks like a man who doesn't know what to do. Totally out-thought by Neil Warnock. Neil ****ing Warnock.


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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Ryan - 4 Still not making saves.
Bruno - 6 The pensioner was the only one with drive, skill, always looking to play forward
Dunk - 3 Nervous rabbit in headlights, unable to pass forward and complete it.
Dufft - 3 Ditto
Bernardo - 5. Some craft and fight
Stephens - 1. Fought to the end, but his worst game for us. I’m normally a big fan.
Propper - 1. Shocking again. For his fan club, watch when other teams counter, he’s left for dead.
Gross - 4. Skill but faded badly.
March - 3. Tried, but he had 2 or 3 terriors on him.
Jahanbakhsh - 0. Passes to the opposition every time.
Murray - 1. Just not in the game.

Andone - 0. Too busy cheating for freekicks, no strength, inadequate.
Izquierdo - 0. A waste of space again. Can’t believe he was so good last season.

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
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Before tonight I'd have said it was mathematically impossible for 11 men, all of whom are professional footballers, to be unable to kick a ball to each other, and yet it happened.

With that in mind I shall be abstaining from scoring.


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Jul 5, 2003
Dunk played well whilst chaos ensued around him.
March put in a shift but little end result.
Duffy - like an oil tanker in Hove Lagoon, but ok.
Bruno - needed Knockhaert.
Ryan - ok tonight

Bernardo played safe by not getting forward and playing hospital passes
I've stood up for Stephens all season but tonight his and Propper's distribution was awful....but they didn't have a lot to pass to
Murray.....time to call it a day Glenn. If you can't get above a jog, spend most of your time on the touch line and collecting the ball for the keeper, and your main contribution is winning the odd free kick it's time for another sport.
Gross - tricky but too slow to be effective
Ali - way, way, way out of his depth
Andone - huffed and puffed but got nowhere

How we needed Kayal's aggression and drive down the middle

Hughton - yet another bad day at the office. Too many in 2019


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Oct 18, 2011
Can I award a minus number for jahanbaksh?

Anybody name another PL player so devoid of any talent whatsoever?

Ryan - 4 SAeems to have slept his way through the last 3 games. No vocals from him. But look what he has had in front of him

Bruno - 4 Lack of recent game time showed
Dunk - 3 WTF has happened to him? A move to a top 6 side has gone for him now
Duffy - 6 (MOTM) At least he was trying. Played some great long passes
Bernardo - 4

Propper - 4
Stephens - 1 Awful AGAIN. Wasteful with the ball and never looked like making a challenge to close down their first goal. And he's better than Kayal or Bissoums? Yeah. Right
Ali J - 1 Look about as much a footballer as I am. Embarrassing
Solly - 5

Gross - 3 Expecting too much to start after such a long time out

Murray - 3 Gone to the well once too often. He is shot

Hughton - 0 Same old. Seems totally incapable of doing anything different. Thanks Chris but it's time to go

R. Slicker

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Jan 1, 2009
Can I award a minus number for jahanbaksh?

And Andone, seems to think that running around fouling defenders helps the cause. Offered nothing.

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One Teddy Maybank

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Aug 4, 2006
6 - average

Ryan - 5
Bruno - 6
Bernardo - 5
Dunk - 4
Duffy - 5
March - 6
Stephens - 3
Propper - 4
AJ - 3
Gross - 6
Murray - 5

Andone - 4
Izquierdo - 3

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Monsieur Le Plonk

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Apr 22, 2009
By a lake
Hughtons Sunday pub football idea of putting a centre half up front for the last 10 minutes when there is still a substitution available is an utter embarrassment.
Lack of faith in the bench (including a £15m striker that he sanctioned the signing of) or Is he simply bereft of any better tactic?


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Feb 23, 2009
Ryan 5 Not really to blame for the goals as I recall

Bruno 5 Thought he did ok. Lots of energy and some good runs but no reward.

Dunk 3 His confidence is shot to bits. His distribution and decision making was embarrassing at times.

Duffy 4 Not quite as shite as Dunk.

Bernardo 4 Offered less in attack than a 38 year old on the other side, and what he did offer was crap. Mostly did what he had to defensively.

March 5.5 He and Bruno were the only ones busting a gut today.

Pröpper 2 Clearly doesn't give a shit. Awful.

Stephens 1 Probably gives a shit, but was even worse than Pröpper

Jahanbakhsh -1 He was so bad we would've been better off with 10 men.

Groß 4 Showed some glimpses early on but clearly rusty as is to be expected

Murray 3 Got bugger all service but lots of fouls and offsides as usual.

Andone 1- plenty of whinging, cheating and theatrics, not much else

Izquierdo- Can't even rate him

Hughton 0- Done up like a kipper by a better manager yet again.


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Aug 8, 2011
All were poor but Stevens 1 and Ali 1 How on earth does Stevens play every game and never get taken off. Crying out for Kayal to replace him.


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first time ever i cant be arsed to even award the points. as said - bruno did okay having been away so long ..and bizarelly seemed to spend more time upfront than FFS Murray...

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