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[Albion] Palace game are you shitting yourself?

The Grockle

Formally Croydon Seagull
Sep 26, 2008
I am worried, Palace have a very average team but a couple of inpsct players who could do a job at a top club. We'll need to be top of our game to get anything I feel


Many More Voting Years
NSC Patron
Aug 10, 2007
Il kick off with a yes if they have olise and eze fit and our current lightweight team availability and no midfield signing
Shitting yourself? :facepalm: If you are worried by a possible defeat, I hate to imagine how you feel about the Always Ultras.

FFS (seemed appropriate)


'The' Yaztromo
Even if we sign a CM today they won’t be starting, that’s for sure… one doesn’t learn our maverick tactical disposition in two days.

So… unless we get the balance and shape right from the get go, well, it might be tough..

But I caveat that with a frankly odd sense of calm and an assurance that we’ll win with relative ease.


Well-known member
Sep 28, 2011

I don't fear their players over ours.

Olise and Eze are talented, but we have often managed them pretty successfully before.
I would feel happier with Joel Veltman available though.

I will be nervous about the game as I always am, but purely because losing this game far outweighs the joy of winning it, for me.


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2013
No, I feel quite calm about it. Not in a 'I'm confident of a win' way, but I'm just not allowing myself to get stressed about it - just looking forward to a good game!

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