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[Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

Peppermint Tea

Well-known member
Aug 31, 2007
Well yeah of course, you could say the same about dunk couldn’t you. Great for the player and the clubs.
Speaking of getting excited, Dougal, are you a little anxious about Eze and Gooey being sold then? Or are they gonna stay on huge contracts a la Zaha’s?


Well-known member
Apr 27, 2009
So Palace contributors, what's your feeling on Graham "Harry" Potter being touted as your next manager?
I personally have no problem with it and my mates I go with don’t seem bothered also the pole on the BBS seems favourable.

I mean Coppell and Murray are heroes and going back even further oRilley, let’s face it it’s a job to them only the most biased fan could not appreciate the job Potter did at BHA


Well-known member
Jul 25, 2003
17 points gap whilst in the same division - wow

32 difference in goals scored. Amazing

That's without adjusting for VAR errors admitted and apologised for by PGMOL.

4 extra years of PL revenue and they fall that far short - quite an achievement
Didn’t get a single win in 12 attempts against a top-6 team. Compare that to BHA’s 4 wins in only 10 games against the top 6.


He/him/his/that muppet
Jul 6, 2011
What would the 5th have been? I know we battered Newcastle at home, but they took the points fairly due to Nick Pope’s keeping. I can’t remember any controversial VAR.
Your subtle thing about how we are a top 6 team may have been too subtle and a "big 6" team came to mind there.

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