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[Albion] Palace away tickets


Apr 3, 2018
Keep refreshing, as seats still popping back up in all three blocks once they time out or people change their minds...

Mr Banana

Tedious chump
Aug 8, 2005
Standing in the way of control
I imagine this may not be revelatory to anyone who's less of a halfwit than me but I've just discovered that the 'best available' option is the best way to nab one.

Still find the stadium plan zooming a bit web 1.0 and the saved card option has never worked for me.

Guinness Boy

Tofu eating wokerati
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
Me too! Looks like the clubs actions may be paying off re harvesting points.
This is exactly how smaller allocations or more popular games are supposed to work. T1 get all day on day 1 to pick and choose where they're going, as their loyalty deserves, but there are enough left over for a bigger group in T2 if you're quick off the mark on day 2.

It's a very good system, despite what some on here say, and the fact that some "new" people are getting to do the London aways suggests it's working.

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