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[Albion] Oxlade Chamberlain on a free

Bold Seagull

strong and stable with me, or...
Mar 18, 2010
It fits with the familiar pattern that as well as going for young untested talent, you also bring in some experience. You wouldn't sign him expecting 38 starts from a season, but as adding some tactical flexibility and options, like Lallana and Welbeck, it's probably a good signing to balance the squad.


Dec 21, 2011
Weirdly, if signed, he would become the fifth member of the Southampton squad that we beat to the League One title in 2010/11 to play for the Albion. Harding, Hammond, Stephens and Lallana being the first four.

Gonzo BHA

Sep 3, 2004
It's a yes from me. Provided wages aren't too high and if he can stay injury free, he'd be a quality addition. Look at how much Welbeck & Lallana have added to the squad when people could have been forgiven for thinking they were both over the hill.


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
Would only happen if Lallana thinks he's a model pro who'd bring a lot to the group... and if Lallana thinks so, I'm on the Ox train.

Thought he was at least 33 btw.
He is a really good pro and lovely guy. Lallana played with him at Southampton as well as Liverpool so does know him well.

He's also a quality player, like Welbeck his career has obviously been hampered by injury but there is real ability there. Would be very pleased if we did sign him.


Jun 13, 2011
Kinda weird that we're simultaneously becoming the place for South American wonderkids to launch their European careers AND the place for older UK pros to see out their careers. But you only have to look at how good Lallana and Welbeck have been for us to see that it's no bad thing - these players still have a lot to offer, and we seem to be getting a reputation as a club where they can get the most out of their tiring legs. Brighton's Welbeck seems like a completely different player to Watford's Welbeck, for example. I'm sure that hasn't gone unnoticed by other players.

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo

Why Did You Let It Bounce
Oct 4, 2003
He isn't actually that injury prone. He did have a major injury at the end of his first season at Liverpool that ruled him out for pretty much the entire next season, but since then he's only had a couple of minor spells out injured and more often than not has been making the Liverpool match day squad when fit. He's already had almost as many PL minutes this season as Adam Lallana did in his final Liverpool season.

People say what about the wages but they said the same when we signed Adam, we made that deal work for us by offering a decent signing on fee in exchange for him taking a weekly wage that fitted in with our wage structure, we'd obviously do the same again.

If he can come in and offer similar levels of performance and mentoring that Lallana and Welbeck do I'm in.


Feb 1, 2009
Depends on his character* - if he''s going to be a good senior pro a la Welbeck and Lallana he would be a good squad member - his playing abiity is decent enough.

* and wages!


Feb 1, 2009
A factor not yet considered is the prospect of pop star totty once again gracing the Amex. We haven't had that since Frankie Bridge!
Lady and the Tramp .........

(Presumably dress sense isn't a pre-requisite of signing for the Albion?)


  • Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain-Perrie-Edwards-events-2570345.jpg
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Apr 21, 2017
I thought he was older than 29 tbh.

It would be interesting signing, he seems a nice kid and has won trophies, very much along Lallana and Welbeck line. He could probably help 'mentor' our younger players too.
A bit underwhelming in his career I would say, given the early promise. He was in the team at Euro 2012 and I remember singing his name in Kiev (An Englishman in Ukraine to the tune of An Englishman in New York) thinking he was going to be a stalwart in the team for years to come. 10+ years have passed and I would say he hasn’t ever reached the heights expected/hoped for.


Jan 24, 2009
Not a signing to set the pulses racing, but right now I trust the decision-makers implicitly, if the Ox is good enough for them then he'll be good enough for me.

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