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[Albion] One of those YouTube videos about us.


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Jul 28, 2011
I'm not sure how videos embedded in forums work in terms of engagement / views etc. but if you watch it on here and enjoy it then definitely click through to the video on YouTube itself so the guy gets the figure in his analytics.

I've had some issues before with videos being embedded in Twitter and it not being counted by the Great Unknowable YouTube Algorithm.

Good video BTW as well.


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Sep 28, 2021
Good watch that, one of the more in depth and measured reflections on our journey.

The Subs Bench

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Sep 28, 2023
Hi everyone. I'm the guy who made the video. Thanks for the nice comments!

I must admit, I've never heard of this site (I wouldn't do really, not being a Brighton fan) but in my analytics I saw a few views from this site leading me to try to find where they'd come from (and then register).

I do have one ask / favour, though. As someone pointed out above about the glorious YouTube algorithm, I'm not sure if it's picked up your views as it doesn't seem to be pushing my video out. As a result, it's absolutely bombed 😞 By comparison, my last video had hit nearly 10k views after 2 days (which is huge for my channel), this one in 2 days hasn't even hit 300. What's more, 75% of those views are from this site..

I wouldn't ask if you didn't enjoy my video but as it seems some of you did, would you take a moment to share in any way you can with your Brighton / football supporting friends? Hopefully get my videos / channel pushed out to people who may enjoy my content? I've made a few football related videos, not just Brighton, so hopefully something for everyone. I appreciate anything you could do in terms of sharing but above all I'm really glad some of you liked the video.

Link for anyone interested:

Take care

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