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[Music] Oh no, Ken Bruce quits Radio 2!

The Clamp

Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST
I sometimes have him on in the background and I quite like Popmaster. My life won’t be affected much by his departure but I’ll certainly not bother with R2 if that irritating tit, Rylan gets the gig.

I imagine they will go with someone a bit more Daily Mail anyway.

Official Old Man

Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
Wow, I thought he'd stay until he keeled over in his chair. Ooh Gary Davis or OJ Borg (latter being very very good and surprised another station hasn't grabbed him).
Quote from the BBC Trevor Nelson, Rylan Clark, Claudia Winkleman, Dermot O'Leary and Jo Whiley are among the names who could be considered for Bruce's slot.
The bad news for anyone thinking of following Ken to GHR is that they aren't up to the high production stadards of the Beeb. Playlist consists of about 50 songs, great for week one but by week 4 it gets repetative. Listening on DAB, Alexa or online you get two adverts running together or nothing at all and lots of gaps.

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