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[Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2022/23

The Lemming Stomper

East Stand
Apr 1, 2007
High quality defence in the second game.

Surely the Super Bowl will be won by an NFC team?

@Publius Ovidius reckon it will be really tight, massive battle between the OL and DL of both teams……

Could end 0-0!! 😂
Cincy or KC a huge upgrade on Dallas though and both marginally ahead in the outright betting with 365 ( 3.5 KC, 3.6 Cin, 3.7 Phi, 4.0 SF )

I've seen a 3-0 live , Miami @ Pittsburgh in 2007, and it was just as fascinating as a shootout...Mind you, the hoards flocking out of the stadium @ 0-0 with 5 minutes left was gob-smacking !


Jan 24, 2009
Well Dallas lost which of course was expected but no less hilarious for that.

My prediction of Bengals/49ers Super Bowl is still a goer. Should be a couple of good games next weekend.

Publius Ovidius

Jul 5, 2003
at home

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