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O/T 10 Jokes for Mocking an Aussie


Jul 5, 2003
Sorry, email forward thingy but i don't give a f***

1. THE seven dwarfs went off to work in the mine one day, while Snow White stayed at home to do
their housework and cook lunch. However, when she went to the mine to deliver their lunches, she
discovered a cave-in. Tearfully she called out: "Hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear me?"

A voice floated up from the bowels of the mine: "Australia will win the World Cup." "Thank God!", said
Snow White. "At least Dopey's still alive."

2. Q: WHAT do you call 15 Australians watching the World Cup rugby finals? A: The Wallabies.

3. GOD wanted Jesus to be born in Australia, but he couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

4. DID you hear about the Australian shoplifter? He was found crushed beneath the local

5. A MAN has an interview for immigration into Australia. The interviewer says to him: "Do you have a
police record?" "What?" replies the man. "Do you still need one to get in?"

6. Q: WHAT'S the difference between yoghurt and Australia? A: Yoghurt has a real live culture.

7. Q: WHAT'S Australian for foreplay? A: When the man says: "Wake up, Sheila."

8. Q: HOW do you describe a well-balanced Australian? A: One with a chip on both shoulders.

9. Q: HOW many Aussies does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two - one to say "She'll be right
mate" and one to fetch the beers.

10. Q: What's the worst thing about Australia? A: It's above sea level.

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