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[Albion] Not the worst 12 months for Mr Bloom.

Nobby Cybergoat

Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Personally I think the only truly exceptional individual at the club is Tony Bloom.

The rest of them are all highly capable individuals working brilliantly as a team. The structures and key personnel which allow the success were put in place by the chairman

On the thread topic, TB has clearly made a few quid transfer-wise recently. Whether this will translate into a decent surplus at the end of the year and whether we'll be able to continually sell and stay clear of relegation danger i'm not sure about


Well-known member
Jul 5, 2003
Chuck in a win over Rangers last night for USG

He’s also probably won the lottery in the past 12 months but hasn’t noticed

Danny Wilson Said

New member
May 2, 2020
Just to inject a slight dose of realism here, we also took massive losses on Jahanbahksh and Locadia. And while Ben White cost £0 in transfer fees, I imagine we invested quite a lot in him in wages, coaching etc over the years.

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