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[News] North - South Divide

Live by the sea

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Oct 21, 2016
This article was in todays Guardian:

It has an interesting article on the north / south divide when it comes to food. Apparently up north starts at the Watford Gap.

The precise location of the north-south of England divide is a fraught question that has been debated for centuries, drawing on factors ranging from economic prosperity and political views to the pronunciation of the word “scone”. Now, scientists have entered the fray, proposing an objective, machine learning-based analysis of the distribution of Pret a Manger and Greggs shops across England.​
The AI-based approach places the critical dividing line at which avocado wraps give way to sausage rolls close to the M1 Watford Gap services and concludes that Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester, which often fall into a disputed grey area, should be considered “northern”.​
“The food we eat is a very good indicator of whether someone is northern or southern. Greggs is very popular in the north, where people do seem to prefer a steak bake,” said Dr Robin Smith, the physicist at Sheffield Hallam University who led the study, adapting an algorithm normally used to study nuclear reactions.​
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Jul 10, 2003
Interesting. Seems I preferred Northern food even when I lived down South. At least I am now in my spiritual home. You can keep your Avocado wraps (yuck !).

Thank you very much. Avocado, Spinach and Crispy Bacon wraps, with a nice mayo, food from heaven :drool:

It's the East West cultural divide that concerns me more. West Sussex, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, ending eventually in that complete cultural desert, the USA. Coming over here, posting on our message boards :wink:
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Brighton Lines

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Apr 5, 2014
A discussion we had among work colleagues a while back, as we work in almost every town. The conclusion was that the north started at the Chesterfield crooked spire.

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