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[Albion] Newcastle United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

Normandy seagull

Well-known member
Jul 16, 2003
Orne 61 France
We have been f.ucking abysmal. Deserved to be losing this. What the hell have they been doing? So so bad. It’s like I’m watching a completely different team


Well-known member
Nov 19, 2017
Why couldn’t Burn ever score any headers for us. Bad half. Played right into their hands. Tactics not working.

The Fits

Well-known member
Jun 29, 2020
Might as well have just played the kids. I know it's a tough run in but what the hell is this?


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
Pathetic half.

Utterly ludicrous challenge from Undav for that free kick. He’s been dreadful. Absolute waste of time playing him and Buonanotte, they’re totally out of their depth - as is JPVH.

Need changes now - Mac Allister, Ferguson and Enciso on for Gilmour, Undav and Buonanotte and swap Gross and Caicedo round. They totally dominated Gross and Gilmour in the middle.


Well-known member
Feb 12, 2005
Why couldn’t Burn ever score any headers for us. Bad half. Played right into their hands. Tactics not working.
His first PL goal for Newcastle !


Well-known member
Jul 13, 2003
His first goal for his boyhood club, of course he’s going to celebrate it. No need to take offence.
Sure it isn’t his first.scored in the cup. No offence taken but never like seeing it at same time! That’s just being a fan.


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2011
Sussex By The Sea
Fu*k sake, right before half time.

Need to start playing our proper 11 and get Caicedo out of RB ffs!

Get on Ali Mac, Enciso and Fergie at half time.

Part of thinks RDZ drops Ali Mac and keeps playing Caicedo at RB as he knows they are leaving.


Well-known member
Oct 1, 2017
Missed the first half, just tuned in to see Dan Burn knee sliding after making it 2-0.

Not sure why we're not starting our strongest XI, rest players for Southampton FFS!!!
I'm so glad you're not our manager- today was a game we were likely to struggle in with our strongest team out. Why risk playing our strongest team, then risking the next game by playing a weaker team? I really can't believe some on here think we should be playing our best team tonight and weaker on Sunday

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