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[Albion] Newcastle away 25th Feb

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Deadly Danson

Oct 22, 2003
It looks to me like The Premier League fixtures site has put markers on all the February games that are going to move, but haven't yet put the new times up.
Cheers - I see what you mean. Looks like BT have Villa v Arsenal at 12.30 and Sky Sports have Newcastle v Liverpool at 5.30 on the Sat and Sky have Man U v Leicester and Spurs v West Ham on the Sunday so I'd hope that's it for that weekend although I guess there could be a Friday or Monday night game. Odd that this wouldn't be announced today though if it were to be moved.


Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
There is a BA flight leaving Heathrow 7.25 and returning from Newcastle 16.55 which fits well with this new kick off time . And it’s cheaper than the train
Did this last year but stayed overnight, had a great night on the lash and caught the early flight back the following morning….also stayed at a hotel near the airport, massively cheaper and more convenient for the travel.

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