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[Albion] Nathan Jones / Football, the Albion and Me podcast

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Apr 12, 2010
This week's Football, the Albion and Me podcast is with former Albion player and coach Nathan Jones - now manager of Luton Town.

It's a very candid interview with Nathan, who's good on his playing career, where it went wrong at Stoke and his ambitions of returning to manage Brighton one day.

Listen (links to all podcast platforms):

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ICYMI - if you’re new to the podcast, in my opinion this might be one of the best guests yet - Nathan Jones incredibly candid - turns out it’s (unintentionally) annoyed a few Luton fans on social media though...!

Albion Robster

Jul 21, 2003
North West
Looking forward to hearing the views of Cocowasp.
Was he interviewed after he performed the great escape for Luton Town. Fair play to him for going back after the flack he coped for walking away to a Championship team before promotion was achieved for League 1 Luton Town.

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