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[Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

The Fits

Jun 29, 2020
Why do they think well accept 75m when we rejected 70m without a second thought?

The only way he goes is if someone blows it out the water, and the only chance of that is Chelsea IMO.
And why are the media peddling the idea that another 5 million will make any difference?


Jul 18, 2003
Theres only two possibilities- TB is telling the truth when hes said hes not for sale or hes bluffing to raise the price ever higher and trouser an enormous fee.

Got a feeling after the binfest and coverage this has got that hes not for sale at any price now - hope so cos that will be a fantastic statement for the rest of the season and for future player discipline and future transfer fee negotiations- if he sells now even at an extortionate amount I think he would have lost some respect from us - and Andy Naylor will be toast too.


A. Virgo, Football Genius
Jul 21, 2003
Odds on Skybet have halved over night and its all over social media that a bid has been agreed. Looks like that rumour has come from one individual who I cant see how is in the know, the odds worry me however.
as odds are set by bets placed, not any probability, i wouldnt be surprised if this is all driven by people playing the markets on betfair.

i cant see Bloom folding for a higher fee at this point. there's some principles at stake, how the agent has behaved and clubs assuming they can just up a bid to get our players every time.

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