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[Albion] Modestly good moments at the Amex

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Monkey Man

Your support is not that great
Jan 30, 2005
Neither here nor there
Yes, we all loved the day we got promoted to the Premier League and it was amazing to beat Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. The Doncaster Rovers game was epic too.

But what are the lesser Amex moments deserve a place in a kind of secondary hall of fame? Three from me:

- Vicente hitting the bar against Derby County in 2012. (He scored some great goals. But when he hit the bar that day it was somehow better.)

- Ashley Barnes getting sent off for tripping the referee in the Bolton game in 2013. (This moment was arguably "Peak Barnes".)

- Ashley Barnes and Romain Vincelot being sent off in the first 11 minutes against Burnley in 2011. (We lost 1-0, but it didn't seem to matter that much.)


VERY part time moderator
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Aug 8, 2005
I recall a win against Leeds in which CMS turned up big time. Earlyish AMEX days I think.

Zamora's first goal (AT HOME) after his away one at Leeds, was pretty magical too.


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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
The atmosphere ahead of, and during, the Sheffield Wednesday play-off game.

David Blunkett's quote from that night:

"Well I’ve never experienced anything, in the many years I’ve been a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, like the first quarter of that game last night.

It was a forcefield. It was a forcefield on the pitch and off it. The sound was unbelievable, the emotion was so high that we were all holding our heads in our hands and literally shaking."


Jul 19, 2011
Adam El Abd and Jason Roberts having a personal 90 minute shitehousing competition while Reading eked their way to a win in an otherwise spectacularly unentertaining match.
The best part was after they wrestled each other to the ground (again) with the ball 50 yards away and not likely to come anywhere near them. The ref trotted over with the exasperated desperate look of an inexperienced supply teacher dropped into set 4 at an inner city sink comprehensive.
As soon as he turned back again they both broke out in shit eating grins and had a little hug.


Jul 10, 2003
Adam El Abd getting Ricky Lambert sent off

(And Vicente v Derby, the Great Escape, Dan Harding, Massive Play off, Donny)


Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
Beating Blackpool 6-1(?) in a game when we were already safely in the playoffs and they were going down, a great game and performance but all felt a bit pointless


Jul 10, 2003
Beating Blackpool 6-1(?) in a game when we were already safely in the playoffs and they were going down, a great game and performance but all felt a bit pointless
Wasn't that the game where Dean Hammond scored their goal with a bullet header :lolol:

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
A few other thoughts:

Tomasz Kuszczak (I think) pulling an opposition player's shorts down just before a goal kick.

A thrilling 3-3 against Leeds United in the 2011/12 season under the (Friday night) lights.

The 2-0 win against Wolves where Jamie O'Hara threw his shirt into the crowd and someone threw it back to him!

The 6-1 hammering of Blackpool when even the consolation was scored by an Albion player!



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