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Jun 2, 2014
Herne Bay
I am looking to buy a ticket for the Tottenham game and one for a guest. How do I go about uploading their ticket to their phone? I'm not able to enter an email address for them on the ticket site.

Westdene Seagull

aka Cap'n Carl Firecrotch
Oct 27, 2003
The arse end of Hangleton
If you use the online chat function on the Albion website they will be able to do it for you just as long as you have the email address of the person. They will then email out a link for them to download.


Plastic JCL
Sep 14, 2016
If you're buying a "season ticket holder guest" ticket it's in your name so it will be emailed to you. Forward that email to your guest and the ticket will be attached. They then open the email and follow the instructions.

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