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[Albion] Mitoma... or Grealish? Who's objectively the better player?

Who's better?

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Jun 22, 2011
Grealish for Villa at the Amex was something else. One of the few times I’ve watched an opposition player rather than my own team, he was THAT good. Saying that, Mitoma’s debut (sub at home vs Newcastle last season?) was one of the most WOW where did he come from moments that I can remember!


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Jan 23, 2017
I don’t know how to explain this opinion but Mitoma would be better at City than Grealish is, Grealish would be even better at Brighton than Mitoma is.


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Jul 17, 2003
Who cares ?

Bottom line is we just need to ABSOLUTELY RINSE any "Big 6 Tosser" who tries to get a *pitiful lack of cash* out to SING our hero.


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Sep 1, 2011
up the downs
I don't normally post direct quotes from behind paywalls but I had to share this one. Just made me laugh out loud and had to read it to my wife (who hates football) after she asked what I was laughing about. She laughed too.
From tonight's Telegraph.

"Mitoma’s opener was a thing of beauty, albeit preventable beauty. Gilmour found Estupinan on the left touchline close to the halfway line. Nelson Semedo’s challenge was feeble, Joao Gomes’s and Maximilian Kilman’s were non-existent and, as if Fred Astaire had a ball at his feet, Mitoma danced through them all before slotting in past Jose Sa."
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Feb 22, 2014
Seeing Mitomas goal on MOTD this morning it occurs to me that Grealish would never score a goal like that. He would have fallen over at least 3 times hoping for a free kick. Therein lies the difference!

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