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[Albion] Mayo V Dunk

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Jun 10, 2004
Queens Park
Ever had one of those moments where you speak to someone famous thinking you know them? Okay, famous might be a stretch when it comes to Kerry Mayo but I did exactly that once on Church Road circa 1999 and we were chatting about football for about fifteen minutes.

I also remember seeing him with the fans in the social club at Villa away in the cup. Great guy.


Jan 13, 2010
BGC Manila
Kerry Mayo husband of Kerry Mayo and Gary Hart both proper legends. I'd vote Dunk at this stage though especially having stayed here despite obvious interest from elsewhere.

Stick Murray and Zamora in along with probably Dutch Marine and one/both of our recent flair right backs and you have most of a team from the past 30 years or so. Cox and some boring but solid midfielders would have a shout too to finish it off.


Mama said knock you out.
Oct 14, 2009
Three times, I believe.

Hereford 1-1

Sheff Utd at Bramhall Lane 1-2 to Brighton

I can’t remember the third one but I think it was at Withdean.
Was the 1-2 at Bramhall Lane the game where Leon Knight scored in the last minute? The ball basically trickling over the line....
Jul 24, 2007
Legends for very different reasons, Kerry as he was, as you say, a loyal club man through the dark days and Dunk a footballing genius, played for England and one of the best CBs in the best league in the World.

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